Unicorn Diaries

Went out for my morning glitter to make the flowers blossom and the sun shine just right. But a big mean dragon attacked me. So I farted a rainbow in his face and escaped. Stupid dragon.

Stupid dragon! Had to glitter twice as hard to open all the flowers from yesterday too. Off to beautician for kornacure and a hoof-peel now. Think I’ll try that new pink polish. Love the way the old horn looks in pink.

Paid extra to have permanent epoxy mixed into nail polish they put on stupid dragon. Hee! Off to bestow my glorious presence on life.

Ate a big meal of sugar and spice and everything nice. She was delicious. Then made some more rainbows. (Seriously, what did you think that whole maiden thing was about?)

Thought I saw the stupid dragon. Laid down a cloud of rainbows and bolted. Off to shimmer in the wabe. It’s glitter-time, Baby!

Saw four matched white mares pulling a rich merchant’s coach. Pretty things. If only they had horns…

Stupid dragon, thinks a 30 tons lizard can hide behind a tiny oak? Oh well, can’t catch me, and soooo not my problem, ’cause it’s glitter-time, Baby!

What happened? Out doing my glitter-time, smelled big stinky lizard, then WHAM—everything went dark and squishy and painful. Have I been eaten?

Yep, eaten. Bet it was that big stupid lizard. I hate it when this happens. Heh, but the lizard’s going to hate it more.

Yuckaroo, the inside of a dragon is seriously nasty. It’s going to take at least a week to wash off the stink and get all my bits in the right places. But 1st, it’s glittertime, baby!

I. Love. Snow. It’s bright and it sparkles and makes the whole world look just like me. It’s glitter time, baby!

It’s Cthulhumas eve and it snowed! Everything is sparkly and glittery and almost as pretty as me! Off to give out rainbows to the worthy!

To Be Continued?

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