Fallen Blade Master Glossary (SPOILERS)

FALLEN BLADE—Terms and Characters (This is the current complete version, but it’s an ongoing series and thus will be subject to change.):



Aigo, Major—An officer of the Elite.


Alinthide Poisonhand—A master Blade, the third to die making an attempt on Ashvik VI.


Alley-Knocker—An illegal bar or cafe


Altia—A onetime apprentice Blade, once one of Faran’s closest friends.


Anaryan, Earl of—A Zhani noble.


Ancubonite—An Asavi-made poison, among the deadliest in the world.


Anyang—Zhani city on the southern coast. Home of the winter palace.


Ar—Main port of the Magelands, home to one of its five great mage universities.


Aral Kingslayer—Ex-Blade turned Jack of the Shadow Trades.


Archon—The chief Dyad and ruler of Kodamia.


Arimandro Tree—An enormous semi-tropical hardwood native to the Sylvani Empire.


Asavi—Tiny Others living in miniature cities within the Sylvani Empire. Allied with air.


Ashelia—A smuggler.


Ashvik VI, or Ashvik Dan Pridu—Late King of Zhan, executed by Aral. Also known as the Butcher of Kadesh,


Athera Trinity—The three-faced goddess of fate.


Balor Lifending—God of the dead and the next Emperor of Heaven


Black Jack—A professional killer or assassin.


Blade—Temple assassins of the goddess Namara.


Blinds— Charms of confusion and befuddlement—mostly used by thieves in the Magelands.


Bontrang—A miniature gryphon.


Buried Gods—Undead sorcerer gods of the Others, bound into the earth by the forces of Heaven after the godwar.


Cairmor—A Crown castle in Dalridia.


Calren the Taleteller—God of beginnings and first Emperor of Heaven.


Caras Dust—Powerful magically bred stimulant


Caras Seed-Grinder—Producer of caras dust.


Caras Snuffler—Caras addict.


Castelle Filathalor—A fortress erected atop the tomb of The Changer.


Cat’s Gratitude—An alley-knocker in Little Varya.


Chanarry Canal—Canal running from the base of Channary hill to the Zien river in Tien.


Channary Hill—One of the four great hills of Tien.


Chenjou Peninsula—The peninsula to the north of Tien.


Chief Marshal—Head of the Zhani military.


Chimney Forest—The city above, rooftops, etc.


Chimney Road—A path across the rooftops of a city. “Running the chimney road.”


City Understairs—One of the greatest of the Asavi cities. Located under the grand stairs in Sylvas.


Clanarch—Formal title for a Vesh’An clan chieftain.


Coals—Particularly hot stolen goods.


Cobble-runners—A gang in the Stumbles


Code Martial—Ancient system of Zhani law.


Cornerbright—Magical device for seeing around corners.


Crown Law—Zhan’s modern legal system.


Crownies—A derogatory term for the Crown Guard in Zhan, used by the watch.


Dalridia—Mountain kingdom in the southern Hurnic Mountains.


Darksight—One of the terms used by the Blades to describe the sense that they borrow from their Shade companions.


Dead Man’s Purse, The—An alley-knocker in Little Varya.


Death—A goddess.


Deathspark—A piece of magic that turns a human being into a trap triggered by their own death.


Deem, Colonel—An officer of the Elite, now deceased.


Devin (Nightblade) Urslan—A former Blade.


Dian—A black jack in training in Tien.


Disquisition, the—The Sylvani Imperial authority associated with the nuliphate. The Disquisition is tasked with stamping out any rising of the buried gods and the elimination of their cultic followings.


Dorak-ki—Durkoth term. A throne of earth tied into the elemental energy flows of earth and stone.


Downunders—A bad neighborhood in Tien


Dracodon—A large magical beast, reknowned for the ivory in its tusks.


Dragon Crown—The royal crown of Zhan, often replicated in insignia of Zhani Crown agents


Drum-Ringer—A bell enchanted to prevent eavesdropping.


Durkoth—Others that live under the Hurnic mountains.


Durkothi—The language of the Durkoth.


Dustmen—Caras dust dealers.


Dyad—A binary entity made up of a human sorcerer and their familiar fused into a single consciousness.


Eian Elarson—King of Dalridia and brother to Jax.


Eight Major Elements, The—Light, shadow, earth, air, water, fire, death, and life. Only the first seven are known to have corresponding elementals.


Eilif Uvarkas—Lord Signet and preceptor of the Hand of Heaven in the year 3130, around 90 years before the action of Crossed Blades.


Eavesman—A private spy or eavesdropper.


Ekilikik—A clanarch of the Vesh’An.


Elite, the—Zhani mages. They fulfill the roles of secret police and spy corps among other functions.


Emberman—Professional arsonist.


Emerald Throne—The throne of the Sylvani empire.


Erk Endfast—Owner of the Spinnerfish, ex-black jack, ex-shadow captain


Everdark, the—The home dimension of the Shades.


Eyespy—A type of eavesdropping spell.


Eyn—With Eva the dual goddess worshiped by the Dyads.


Eva— With Eyn the dual goddess worshiped by the Dyads.


Face, Facing—Identity. “I’d faced myself as an Aveni Bravo.”


Fallback—A safe house.


Fallows, The—The strip of land that runs on either side of the Wall of the Sylvain. God-magic prevents any construction from happening there.


Familiar gift—The ability to soul-bond with another being, providing the focus half of the power/focus dichotomy necessary to become a mage.


Faran—A onetime apprentice Blade.


Fathudor—Durkoth word for the sense-of-stone.


Fi—A township upriver from Ar.


Filathalor—A beast of the Sylvain, more or less a cross between a tiger and a boar.


Fire and sun!—A Shade curse.


First—The word the Others use to describe themselves.


Fiver—A Magelander coin—literally a fifth of a broken kalend.


Fortunate Lamia, the—A trading vessel.


Garret—A one-time apprentice Blade, once one of Faran’s closest friends.


Ghost, Ghosting—To kill.


God-sniffer—A type of Sylvani mage trained to smell out god-magic.


Godwar—The war between Heaven and those among the Others who sought to rival them.


Govana—Goddess of the herds.


Graf—A stone dog, familiar of Major Aigo


Gram—The name of the world.


Grave Tree—A burial tradition of the Sylvani in which a very long lived breed of tree is planted to mark the graves of their fallen.


Grays—The traditional garb of the blade. Usually consists of low boots, flowing pants, a loose shirt, and a yoke and cowl, all dyed in an abstract pattern of dark grays. In colder weather a poncho is added.


Greatspell—A major permanent work of magic, usually tied to a physical item.


Gryphon’s Head—A tavern in Tien, the capitol city of Zhan. Informal office for Aral.


Gutterside—The world of the slums.


Guttersiders—Slang for the professional beggars and their allies.


Hasheth—A Durkoth word for cursed. Usually refers to weapons touched by the power of the buried gods.


Hasheth-ctark—A sort of spell-stone used by the Uthudor of the Durkoth to encyst a curse.


Hierarch—A rank in the Sylvani anti-priesthood of the nuliphate. (Rank is denoted on badge by shield pips.)


Hand of Heaven—The Son of Heaven’s office of the inquisition.


Harad—Head librarian at the Ismere Library.


Hearsay—A type of eavesdropping spell.


Heaven—The land of the gods, ruled by the Emperor of Heaven.


Heaven’s Reach—The temple kingdom ruled over by the Son of Heaven.


Heaven’s Shadow—The name the Son of Heaven has given to his organization of Blade traitors. Their grays are slightly red tinted.


Heyin——Lieutenant of the exiled Baroness Marchon.


Highside—Neighborhood on the bay side.


Howler—Slang name for the Elite.


Huddle Bird—A bird native to the Magelands and the Sylvani empire, roughly the size of turkey.


Iander—One of the Blades who went over to the Son of Heaven.


Illiana—A Master Blade, killed in a suicide attack at the fall of the temple, one that ended the life of the then Signet.


Imperial Bush Roses—Living security fencing.


Inkathiq—Durkoth word for an unbroken chain of earth energy.


Inverted Crown—Zhani brand applied to the cheeks or foreheads of traitors.


Ishka-ki—Durkoth oath.


Ismere Club—A private club for merchants.


Ismere Library—A private lending library in Tien, founded by a wealthy merchant from Kadesh.


Issa Fivegoats—A sellcinder or fence.


Jack—A slang term for an unofficial or extragovernmental problem solver, see also, shadow jack, black jack, sunside jack.


Jaeris—A onetime apprentice Blade, once one of Faran’s closest friends.


Javan—A onetime apprentice Blade.


Jax Seldansbane—A former Blade and onetime lover of Aral’s.


Jenua, Duchy of—A duchy in Zhan.


Jerik—The bartender/owner of the Gryphon’s Head tavern.


Jindu—Tienese martial art heavily weighted toward punches and kicks.


Jinn’s—A small café near the Ismere Library.


Kaelin Fei, Captain—Watch officer in charge of Tien’s Silent Branch, also known as the Mufflers.


Kadeshar—Chief city of Kadesh.


Kalend—A Magelander coin, roughly equivalent to the Zhani riel.


Kanathean Hill—One of the four great hills of Tien.


Kao-li—Fortress retreat of the Zhani royal family, upriver from Tien.


Kaman—A former Blade, crucified by the Elite then killed by Aral at his own request.


Kayarin Melkar—A master Blade who joined the Son of Heaven after the fall of the temple.


Kelos Deathwalker——A master Blade who taught Aral.


Keytrue—A charm to prevent lock picking.


Key of Sylvaras—A mythical item associated with the god Sylvaras.


Kila—The spirit dagger of the Blade, symbolizing his bond to Namara.


Kijang—A duchy in Zhan.


Kip-Claim—Pawn shop.


Khanates, the Four—Group of interrelated kingdoms just north of Varya. Also known as the Kvanas.


Knotsnake—A poisonous snake found in Zhan and Kadesh.


Kodamia—City-state to the west of Tien, controlling the only good pass through the Hurnic Mountains.


Kothmerk—The original signet ring of the first King of the Durkoth.


Kreyn—The oldest branch of the Others. They live in forest enclaves within the Sylvani Empire. Allied with shadow.


Krith—A Durkoth word for a cave dwelling.


Krithak, Dame—A Durkoth Uthudor.


Kuan-Lun—A water elemental, one of the great dragons.


Kvanas, the Four—Group of interrelated kingdoms just north of Varya. Sometimes referred to as the Khanates.


Kyle’s—An expensive Aveni whiskey.


Kyrissa—A Shade, familiar to Siri. Takes the form of a winged serpent.


Last Walk—The road leading from the Smokeyard to the Traitor’s Gate in Tien.


Leyan—A onetime journeyman Blade.


Liess—A Shade, familiar of Sharl.


Lin-hua—A Zhani game of chance involving tiles.


Little Varya—An immigrant neighborhood in Tien.


Lok—A hedge wizard with a spit-adder familiar, works for the Countess Marchon.


Loris—A former Blade.


Mabung—One of the Blades who went over to the Son of Heaven.


Magearch—Title for the mage governor of the cities in the Magelands


Mageblind—Mage term for those without magesight.


Mage gift—The ability to perform magic, providing the power half of the power/focus dichotomy necessary to become a mage.


Magelands—A loose confederation of city-states governed by the faculty of the mage colleges that center them.


Magelights—Relatively expensive permanent light globes made with magic.


Magesight—The ability to see magic, part of the mage gift.


Mage Wastes—Huge area of magically created wasteland on the western edge of the civilized lands.


Malora—A master Blade slain by the Hand of Heaven several years after the fall of the Temple.


Malthiss—A Shade, familiar to Kelos Deathwalker.


Manny Three Fingers—The cook at the Spinnerfish.


Manticore’s Smile, The—An alley-knocker in Little Varya.


Marchon—A barony in the kingdom of Zhan. The house emblem is a seated jade fox on a gold background.


Maryam—A onetime journeyman Blade.


Maylien Dan Marchon Tal Pridu—A client of Aral’s.


Meld—The overarching consciousness of a Dyad.


Milkstone—A white stone similar to alabaster.


Miriyan Zheng—High end sellcinders specializing in Durkoth art


Mite—Dyadic term for their constituent halves, Mite and Meld.


Mouse Gates—Magical gates that allow full sized people to enter the miniature cities of the Asavi.


Mufflers—Captain Fei’s organization, so known because they keep things quiet. Officially, Silent Branch.


Nail puller—A freelance torturer in Tienese street slang.


Namara—The now deceased goddess of justice and the downtrodden, patroness of the Blades. Her symbol is an unblinking eye.


Nea Sjensdor—Lady Signet, preceptor of the Hand of Heaven.


Nest-Not—A ward to prevent vermin infestations.


Niala—A Varyan liquor flavored with efik.




Nightghast—One of the restless dead, known to eat humans.


Night Market—The black market.


Nima—Mana, the stuff of magic.


Nipperkins—Magical vermin.


Noble Dragons—Elemental being that usually take the form of giant lizardlike creatures.


Nuliphate—An institution of the Sylvani Empire. Essentially an official anti-religion that arose as a response to the godwar and its aftereffects. Equally against the buried gods and the forces of Heaven.


Oaken Throne—The seat of the High King of the Kreyn.


Oil-smear—A charm to ward against eyespys


Old Mews—An upscale neighborhood in Tien that burned to the ground.


Olen—A master Blade who taught Aral.


Olthiss—A Shade.


Omira—A onetime apprentice Blade, once one of Faran’s closest friends.


Orisa—God of sailors.


Oris Plant—A common weed that can be used to produce a cheap gray dye or an expensive black one.


Others—The various non-human races.


Oyani—Zhani term of respect denoting outland nobility.


Palace Hill—One of the four great hills of Tien.


Parsi—One of the Blades who went over to the Son of Heaven.


Patiss—A Shade, familiar of Master Urayal.


Petty Dragons—Giant acid-spitting lizards, not to be confused with noble dragons.


Ping-slick-fingers—A professional gambler in Tien.


Poison—Gutter slang, toxic, too hot to deal with.


Pol—A master Blade, long since dead.


Precasts—Active spells kept precast and at the ready.


Pridu Dynasty—Hereditary rulers of Zhan from around 2700 to the present day.


Prixia Dan Xaia—Clan chief of Xankou.


Qamasiin—A spirit of air.


Qethar—A Durkoth outcast living in Tien.


Quink—Slang word, roughly: freak.


Rabbit Run—An emergency escape route.


Rakshifthra the Changer—A buried god who sometimes takes the shape of a filathalor. Once of the Kreyn.


Rapportomancer—A person with the familiar gift but no mage gift.


Rehira—A high end black jack in Tien, one of the few not a mage.


Render’s Way—A street in Tien.


Reshi—A Clanate in Northern Zhan.


Resshath—Shade term of respect, roughly, teacher, or sensei.


Restless Dead—Catchall term for the undead.


Riel—Currency of Zhan, issued in both silver and gold.


Right of Challenge—Part of Zhan’s old Code Martial


Risen, the—A type of restless dead, similar to a zombie.


Roric—A onetime journeyman Blade, Avarsi by birth.


Royal Monetist—Chief financial official of Zhan.


Sailmaker’s Way—A street in Tien.


Sanjin Island—Large island in the river below the palace in Tien.


Scent-breaker—A charmed fan used to prevent hounds or other smell hunters from catching a scent.


Scheroc—A qamasiin, or air-spirit.


Seldan, Dukes of—Varyan nobles, two of whom were executed by Jax.


Sellcinders—A fence or dealer in hot merchandise.


Sendai, Master—The sailing master and first officer of the Fortunate Lamia, Kanjurese.


Serak—A Rover, lover of the young Maylien.


Serass—A Shade, familiar to Alinthide.


Shatternot—A charm to keep windows from breaking.


Shade—Familiar of the Blades, a living shadow.


Shadow Captain—A mob boss.


Shadow Jack—A jack who earns his living as a problem solver in the shadow trades.


Shadowside—The underworld or demimonde.


Shadow-slipping—The collective name for the various stealth techniques of Namara’s Blades.


Shadow Trades—The various flavors of illegal activity.


Shadow World—The demimonde or underworld.


Shaisin—Small town in Zhan, baronial seat of Marchon.


Shan Starshoulders—The god who holds up the sky, current Emperor of Heaven, lord of stability.


Shanglun—A river dragon.


Shekat—Durkoth word for the soul, which they see far more clearly than they do faces.


Shekatudor—Durkoth word meaning the soul of the stone.


Shinsan—A water elemental, one of the great dragons.


Shrouding—When a Shade encloses his Blade in shadow.


Silent Branch—The official name of the Mufflers.


Siri Mythkiller—A former Blade.


Skaate’s—A premium Aveni whiskey.


Skip—A con game or other illegal job, also a “play.”


Slip—Someone who attempts to walk out on a debt to a loan shark.


Sleepwalker—An efik addict.


Slink—Magical vermin.


Smokeyard—The prison in Zhan where traitors are held on their way to execution.


Smoldering Flame, The—A buried god. Once one of the Durkoth.


Smuggler’s Rest—The unofficial name of the docks near the Spinnerfish.




Snug—A resting place or residence


Son or Daughter of Heaven—The title of the chief priest or priestess who leads the combined religions of the eleven kingdoms.


Sovann Hill—One of the four great hills of Tien.


Spinnerfish, the—A shadowside tavern by the docks.


Ssalassiss—A Shade, familiar to Iander. Takes the form of a miniature elephant.


Ssassisshatha—A Shade word denoting identity or, soul signature.


Sshssithssha—A Shade word denoting a sort of path through shadow.


Sshayar—A Shade, familiar to Jax.


Ssissathshta—A Shade curse.


Ssithra—A Shade, familiar to Faran.


Ssolvey—A Shade, familiar to Roric.


Ssuma—A Shade, familiar to Illiana.


Starshine—Elemental being of light.


Stingers—Slang term for Tienese city watch.


Stirby—A freshwater fish common in Zhan.


Stone Dog—A living statue, roughly the size of small horse and the. The familiar of the Elite.


Straight-Back Jack—A shadow jack who gets the job done and keeps his promises.


Stumbles, the—Neighborhood of Tien that houses the Gryphon’s Head tavern.


Sumey Dan Marchon Tal Pridu—Baroness Marchon and sister of Maylien.


Sunrunning—Blade slang for maintaining a shroud in bright daylight.


Sunside—The shadowside term for more legitimate operations.


Sunside Jack—A jack who works aboveboard, similar to a modern detective.


Sword-Rig—An arrangement of leather straps and blackened steel D-rings that allows a Blade to attach their swords and other tools in a variety of configurations.


Sylvani—The Others who populate the Sylvani Empire south of the eleven kingdoms. Allied with the element of light.


Sylvani Empire—Sometimes called the Sylvain, a huge empire covering much of the southern half of the continent. Ruled by a nonhuman race, it is ancient, and hostile to the human lands of the north.


Sylvaras—First emperor of the Sylvain and greatest of the gods who rose from the First. Allied himself with Heaven in the godwar.


Sylvas—Capitol of the Sylvani Empire.


Tailor’s Wynd—An upscale  neighborhood in Tien.


Tamerlen—A Master Blade killed in the fall of the temple.


Tangara—God of glyphs and runes and other magical writing.


Tangle—Charms of confusion and befuddlement—mostly used by thieves in the Magelands.


Tavan—One of the five great university cities of the Magelands


Tavan North—The Magelander’s quarter of Tien


Thauvik IV, or Thauvik Tal Pridu, the Bastard King—King of Zhan and bastard half brother of the late Ashvik.


Thalis Nut—A nut that produces a poisonous oil.


Thalis Oil—A toxic oil used by the Blades both as a poison and for the oiling of hinges and other hardware.


Thera—A Master Blade killed in a magical experiment.


Thiess—A Shade, familiar to Javan.


Thieveslamp/Thieveslight—A dim red magelight in a tiny bull’s-eye lantern.


Thuroq—A Durkoth envoy (or speaker).


Tien—A coastal city, the thousand-year-old capitol of Zhan.


Tien, Duchess of—Jiahui Dan Tien, cousin of the king.


Timesman—The keeper of the hours at the temple of Shan, Emperor of Heaven.


Tolar—A branch of the Others living within the Sylvani Empire, mostly in the wastes. Allied with fire.


Travelers—A seminomadic order of mages dedicated to making the roads safe for all.


Triss—Aral’s familiar. A Shade that inhabits Aral’s shadow.


Truevelyn—A word the buried gods use to refer to their disciples.


Tuckaside—A place to stash goods, usually stolen.


Tucker—Tucker bottle, a quarter-sized liquor bottle, suitable for two or for one heavy drinker.


Tunnelworm—A sort of earth elemental that bores passages large enough for people to walk in.


Twins, the—Eyn and Eva, the patron goddess or goddesses of the Dyads. Sometimes represented as one goddess with two faces, sometimes as a pair of twins, either identical or conjoined.


Ulriss—A Shade, familiar to Leyan.


Underhills—An upscale  neighborhood in Tien.


Urayal—A Master Blade, killed in an attempt on Ashvik.


Ussiriss—Shade to Kaman.


Uthudor—A Durkoth scholar of the earth.


Vadric Poetry—An Aveni form of epic poetry.


Vangzien—Zhani city at the confluence of the Vang and Zien Rivers in the foothills of the Hurnic Mountains. Home of the summer palace.


Vesh’An—Shapechanging Others. Originally a part of the same breed that split into the Sylvani and Durkoth, the Vesh’An have adopted a nomadic life in the sea.


Veira—A Master Blade, killed after the fall of the temple.


Velyn—A Sylvani word for Otherkind.


Vrass—A Shade, familiar to Maryam.


Wall of the Sylvain—Or simply the wall. A giant magical warding in the shape of a five thousand mile wall. Built by the forces of Heaven to bind the buried gods and the magic-using Others into the lands of Sylvani Empire.


Wandersea Ceremony—A ceremony propitiating the Vesh’An and asking for their protection.


Warboard—Chesslike game.


Wardblack—A custom-built magical rug that blocks the function of a specific ward.


Westbridge—A bridge over the Zien, upriver from the palace and the neighborhoods around it.


Wind-Carpet—An enchanted rug designed to capture the attention of the great air elementals who live in the upper winds. Has to be launched from at least a mile above the ground.


Worrymoth—An herb believed to drive away moths.


Wound-Tailor—Shadowside slang for a healer for hire.


Xankou—A clanate on the Chenjou Peninsula, near Kadesh.


Xaran Tal Xaia—Bastard half brother of Prixia Dan Xaia.


Zass—A Shade, familiar of Devin.


Zhan—One of the eleven human kingdoms of the East. Home to the city of Tien.


Zissatha—A Shade, familiar to Parsi. Takes the form of a giant rat.


Zishin—A sergeant of the watch answering to Captain Fei.




Bronze Sixth Kip (sixer)

Bronze Kip

Bronze Shen

Silver Half Riel

Silver Riel

Gold Half Riel

Gold Riel

Gold Oriel


Value in Kips


~0.15 = Bronze Sixth Kip

1 = Bronze Kip

10 = Bronze Shen

60 = Silver Half Riel

120 = Silver Riel


Value in Silver Riels


0.5 = Silver Half Riel

1 = Silver Riel

5 = Gold Half Riel

10 = Gold Riel

50 = Gold Oriel

Calendar: (370 days in 11 months of 32 days each plus 2 9-day holiday weeks: Summer- Round in the middle of Midsummer, and Winter- Round between Darktide and Coldfast)


Winter-round extra ten day week of holidays

1 Coldfast

2 Meltentide

3 Greening

4 Seedsdown

5 Opening

6 Midsummer, which has an extra (festival) week in the middle.

7 Sunshammer

8 Firstgrain

9 Harvestide

10 Talewynd

11 Darktide

Days of the Week:

1 Calrensday—In the beginning.

2 Atherasday—Hearth and home.

3 Durkothsday—Holdover from the prehuman tale of days.

4 Shansday—The middle time.

5 Namarsday—Traditional day for nobles to sit in judgment.

6 Sylvasday—Holdover from the prehuman tale of days.

7 Balorsday—Day of the dead.

8 Madensday—The day of madness when no work is done


Tale of Years:

2415—Founding of the order of the Blade

2606—Harad is born.

2881—Nuriko (Shadowfox) is born.

2890—Nuriko (Shadowfox) enters the service of Namara.

2912—Nuriko (Shadowfox) leaves the service of Namara.

3004—Kelos (Deathwalker) is born.

3008—Kelos (Deathwalker) enters service of Namara.

3130—Kelos (Deathwalker) kills the then Signet and takes his finger.

3188—Birth of Aral Brandarzon

3188—Late, birth of Jax

3189—Birth of Siri

3191—Birth of Maylien Dan Marchon Tal Pridu

3191—Devin enters service of Namara

3192—Birth of Sumey Dan Marchon Tal Pridu

3192—Aral enters service of Namara

3193—Jax enters service of Namara

3194—Siri enters service of Namara

3195—Aral bonds with Triss

3207—17 year old Aral kills King Ashvik of Tien, becomes Aral Kingslayer

3207—Maylien and Sumey flee Tien with itinerant mages

3208—(early in the year) Aral and Jax engaged

3209—(early) Aral leaves Jax, Jax hooks up with Devin

3210—(late) Jax leaves Devin

3212—Fall of the temple of Namara

3213—Sumey confirmed as heir to Marchon

3214—Sumey murders her mother and becomes Baroness Marchon, Maylien goes into hiding

3217—Year in which Broken Blade takes place (Spring)

3218—Year in which Bared Blade (Early Summer) and Crossed Blades (Late Summer) take place.

3219—Blade Reforged (end of winter/early spring)

Rank insignia for the watch:

2 swords a corporal

3 swords a sergeant

1 fan a second lieutenant

2 fans a first lieutenant

? a captain.