Gallowglass Irish Trio Free for Download

If you’re looking for excellent Irish music at an unbeatable price, let me point you at four albums now available on a free/pay what you want basis (with any proceeds going to charity) all from my late friend Michael Matheny’s trio, Gallowglass.

His remaining bandmates Ken Larson and Lojo Russo are also old friend of mine and they played a final memorial show for him Saturday September 29th with Ray Yates sitting in for Mike, and a whole tribe of guest musicians along to play an old friend out. They did him up proud. They also announced that they were making the whole Gallowglass catalog available free with any money that anyone wanted to donate for the downloads going to Mike’s favorite charities, greyhound and cancer research.

So, if you’d like to hear the fabulous work they did back in the day, you can find it at: