Like Downton Abbey on a boat, with elves, and time lords…at a con!

That was the pitch line for my dream last night, that or something very much like it. I think my brain may have overheated in the night and started to melt. While I slept last night, I got involved in a stage production. It was a period piece set on Galadriel’s yacht on the eve of last alliance between men and elves. Tension was high as it was only a question of time until the war against the dark lord Sauron broke out. The action of the play was focused on the intense rivalries and unlikely alliances between classes. So far, so very strange. Add in that the name of the yacht was the Galifrey——I can only assume that it sailed through time as well as along the mighty Anduin——and the strange goes to eleven. The thing that make me fear for my frontal lobes though, was that the production was being staged as part of the opening ceremonies at a con. I fear my dreams.