More Story Dreams

The first was a typical fantasy quest dream except for a detail which I am totally putting in a book. My weapon was a length of rope with an unbreakable, intelligent, talking, immortal box-turtle on one end–a magical, talking morning-star, and a remarkably cynical one to boot. The turtle had not volunteered for this mission, thank you very much, nor had it signed up as a companion and mentor to heroes. Nope, it just sort of happened that way because it had all of the above-mentioned qualities and a remarkable inability to run away whenever the next damn hero came along. …Must write.

The other was a writers dream. Big castle hall, young mages squatting on the floor waiting their turn to demonstrate their magics and earn a place at the table of the great. Only, all the mages were writers–it looked like World Fantasy but with a lot more leather. Oh, and I got to follow Bear in the competition. I’m not sure whether I’m happy or sad that I woke up before I got my chance to compete.

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(Originally published on the Wyrdsmiths blog February 21 2008, and original comments may be found there. Reposted and reedited as part of the reblogging project)