New Zealand 2014

New Zealand 2014—Index of Photos and Journals

Laura and I spent three weeks traveling in Hawaii and New Zealand over the holidays. Per our usual division of labor I took pictures and she wrote journals. I also made some voice notes.  We do this both to remember the place and to give me a good basis for using material from major travel in my books. I’ve already got some wonderful ideas for incorporating a lot of setting material into the Blade books. I will also at some point probably set a novel or novels here. In the interests of sharing the experience as much as we can I’ve posted my albums and Laura’s notes both. The albums are Facebook and viewable to all whether you have an FB account or not—might as well use someone else’s bandwidth for that and I’m over there, but the journals are here on I’m still captioning and pictures and will probably add a few videos later but this is most of it.

Kelly’s Photo Albums:

Hawaiian Xmas


Hobbiton #1

Hobbiton #2

Hobbiton #3

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Mordor—Tongariro National Park

Mordor Part II—Hiking Down Mount Doom

Wellington Part I—WETA Cave and Other Wanderings

Wellington Part II—A LOTR Movies Sites Tour

O.o—Scenes From an Art Exhibit

Wellington—Picton Ferry



The Giant’s House (Akaroa)

Pancake Rock—Punakaiki

Glowworm Caves

Napier and the Hamilton Zoo



Cute Seal Pics I and II—Ohau and Cape Foulwind

Seen From the Car I—Auckland to Christchurch

Seen From the Car II—Christchurch to Auckland

New Zealand Snaps I—Things What Took My Fancy

New Zealand Snaps II—More Things What Took My Fancy

Laura’s Travel Diaries:

NZ Travel Diary #1—Hawaii for Xmas 1

NZ Travel Diary #2—Hawaii for Xmas 2

NZ Travel Diary #3—Auckland Arrival and Sky Tower

NZ Travel Diary #4—Auckland Domain and A Haka

NZ Travel Diary #5—Hobbiton!

NZ Travel Diary #6—Volcanoes and Hot Springs

NZ Travel Diary #7—Walking Through Mordor

NZ Travel Diary #8—A Quiet Day

NZ Travel Diary #9—Window on WETA! Wellington Gardens!

NZ Travel diary #10—Lord of the Rings Sites tour

NZ Travel Diary #11—Ferry to South Island

NZ Travel Diary #12—Akaroa and the Christchurch Gardens

NZ Travel Diary #13—Crossing the Southern Alps

NZ Travel Diary #14—Glowworms! Caves! Victorian Hotel!

NZ Travel Diary #15—Return to North Island

NZ Travel Diary #16—Heading North

NZ Travel Diary #17—The Long Journey Home