Special Sunday Edition of Friday Cat Blogging

That’s it, it’s a “special edition” and not late at all. Right? Yeah, I don’t believe me either. On to the cats.

The sun, it melts me. I die.

That’s not melting. THIS is melting.

The Russian judge gives your entire competition a 3.5. Just sad.

Oh my team! Oh the felinity!

You cats are embarrassing the rest of us. Stop it. Now.

I concur with my colleague, Pippin the fluffernut.

Srsly, what’s up with these McCullough cats and their showbiz ways?

I think it’s a disgrace.

Real cats hide from cameras carried by people named McCullough. Like this.

And now for something completely different…

Can’t touch this! I will kill you with my mind.

Why are you down playing with the dogs when you should be up here giving me treats?

There. Much better, serving catkind as thumb-monkeys were born to do.