Zach Braff Kickstarted This Headdesk

Not getting the Zach Braff Kickstarter freakout at all. Oh noes, popular people are using Kickstarter to fund popular things! And? The main thing it is going to do is bring new people in to Kickstarter. And, while they’re there, they may fund other projects. Sure, it will drive some hipsters away, but it’s also going to create new casual Kickstarter backers, and new backers is a good thing.

This seems like a variation of the whole fake geek girl/casual fans aren’t real fans, purity cooties thing. Which drives me crazy. Yes, some people don’t love the stuff you love with the same intensity and purity. Get over it. Them liking it casually means more funding. More funding means more of that thing you love. It means shows not getting canceled and book series getting renewed. Casual fans are good.

I make a more coherent version of this argument over at Apex Magazine in my I Married A Fake Geek Girl Essay.

This Real Life comic is also relevant.