Cat Answers (In Translation)

Human: *Wakes up, listens* “Cat, what are you doing?”

Cat: “Cat things.”

Cat: “Why do you ask?”

Cat: “Nothing. No Reason. I never laid a claw on that rug, I mean…meow?”

Cat: “Screw you thumb-monkey!”

Cat: “I am doing the traditional dance of my people and you’re oppressing me!”

Cat: *ominous silence*

Cat: “If I tell you I’m going to have to kill you. Do you still want to know?”

Cat: “Whose asking, copper?”

Cat: “I’m afraid fluffy is not at home right now, if you’d like to leave a message please fuck off after the ‘meow.'”

Cat: “Teaching this bat how to sing.”

Cat: “Have you ever really looked at your jingle ball?”

Cat: “Duuuuuude, I totally found the catnip.” *giggles*

Cat: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”