Friday Cat Blogging, A Farewell To Isabelle Part 1

It is my custom to post a photo tribute to my animal friends and companions when they die. Meglet. Jordan. Cabal. Princess. I had to say goodbye to my beloved Isabelle cat last Tuesday and I will miss her forever. She has been my constant companion for 17 years, and not having her within touching distance is still incredibly alien for me.

I posted a eulogy for her the day after she died. Today I am posting the first of three sets of photos of Isabelle—I simply couldn’t get the set of pictures I wanted to share down below 11o, so I’m breaking it up across several postings. Here is the first set.

Part 2.

The oldest picture I have of her, transferred from actual film.

One of a handful of shot of her and my Norwegian bachelor farmer cats. Taken at our old place in Saint Paul.

Here she is taking a nap amidst the chaos of getting ready to move.

She was always a snuggler. Here with our friend James.

And Ben.

But she wasn’t above tenderizing the spot where she wanted to lie down.

She loved to lie on her back. That’s the Melchior laptop, btw.

She actually really liked other cats. With Spot in my old summer office.

With Jordan when we first got our black beauty.

Snuggled up with Spot the day Jordan was spayed. Thankful the damn kitten is gone.

A year or so later with Jordan while Meglet and Ash were being spayed.

I am bowl. Big, fuzzy bowl.

She’s asleep like that.

A rare shot of our then five cats in one place. Only Ash remains.

Action shot! Meglet leaping over Belle.

She loved the sun. On the screen porch.

On the piano.

Snuggled up on a windowsill.

A trio of cats on the tower I built for them.

She big on “helping.” One of her favorite typing positions.

Here she is “helping” Laura with a puzzle.

Sprawled on my knee while I worked. She was usually close.

Probably her favorite thing in the world was snuggling sleepers in bed.

Naps were good too.

She was incredibly tolerant of our foibles.

And always mysterious.

But she could be quite undignified.


Part of the moving catpile that followed me wherever I went.

She loved to be mostly under blankets.

Did I mention the thing about the sun?

She was also a lover of video games. Both as observer.

And as participant.

She liked to help put away groceries.

And braid hair.

She found the silliest places to sleep.

She was my little otter cat.

I miss her.