Reblog: A Question Answered

Lately I’ve been posting a lot on Facebook and Twitter about vivid and bizarre dreams. Someone asked me where I get these things, and I thought that since the answer is writing related I’d toss it up here as well:

Unusual density of cross-linking in my neural networks. Or at least that’s the operating theory as it’s strongly in sync with family medical history. It’s part of why I write. When I’m writing a lot, I don’t remember my dreams much at all and when I do they’re almost always about the story I’m working on and useful to moving the story forward. When I’m writing less, my dreams tend to be wildly uncontrolled and extremely vivid. Since I’m currently in wait and see mode for which project is next up, I’m not really writing and the side effects are starting to get me.
(Originally published on the Wyrdsmiths blog Dec 31 2009, and original comments may be found there. Reposted and reedited as part of the reblogging project)